Brown Veterinary Service

At Brown Veterinary Service, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality care and a great experience for pets and owners alike. We are a small, friendly single-doctor practice; we think of our clients and their pets as family, and both Dr. Summerfield and our office staff know most of our patients by name.

Low stress handling for all pets

One of the things we value most at BVS is making our patients feel comfortable. We know that vet visits can be scary and upsetting for many dogs and cats, and we want to make their experience at our clinic as stress-free as possible. Dr. Summerfield has a special interest in veterinary behavior, and is always happy to take extra time if needed to help a frightened pet relax. Our technicians are also trained in low-stress handling of both dogs and cats, so that even procedures like vaccinations and blood draws are as easy and comfortable as possible. Owners are always welcome to bring favorite treats or toys to their appointment to help put their pet at ease. Sedation is also available for very stressed or aggressive pets – we are happy to work with your needs if your dog or cat needs special handling, so feel free to ask!

Relaxed, no-rush appointments

Since we are a small clinic, we are able to allow plenty of uninterrupted time for each client visit. Many clinics schedule appointments every 10-15 minutes; at BVS, we average 1-2 per hour. This means that Dr. Summerfield can take plenty of time to get to know your pet and discuss any problems or concerns in detail – we never want you to feel rushed or unimportant. It also means that we can stay on schedule easily, so that barring an unexpected emergency, your wait time should be no more than 5-10 minutes. We also provide fresh coffee and spring water to help make you feel at home 🙂

Flexibility to meet your needs

We understand that every client’s needs are different – whether you have concerns about finances, transportation to or from the clinic, or other special circumstances, we will work with you in every way possible to help your pet get needed care. We provide a written plan for your approval (including costs) prior to any diagnostic testing, treatment or surgical procedure so that you’ll never be surprised at check-out. If you have limited resources for advanced testing and care, let us know and we will work hard to come up with a plan for your pet within your budget. We are also very willing to work with your needs if you have difficulty transporting your pet, giving certain types of medication, or any questions or concerns about your pet’s treatment plan.

Personalized, one-on-one care

Because we work with only a small number of patients each day, our staff is able to give lots of individual attention to our surgical and hospitalized patients to provide the best outcome possible. All surgical patients (even for routine procedures such as spays/neuters, dental cleanings, etc.) are placed on IV fluids to help maintain blood pressure, provide added safety in the event of a problem, and help the pet recover faster from anesthesia. Each pet stays in the treatment room for continuous monitoring by Dr. Summerfield and staff until they are fully awake – we provide blankets, heating pads, etc. as needed for each individual pet. Cats, small dogs and exotic pets normally wake up the arms of a technician, rather than in a cage alone. For hospitalized patients, one of our senior technicians can stay overnight with your pet at the clinic to provide round-the-clock monitoring and care, with Dr. Summerfield reachable by phone at any time.